Non Conventional Fibres Association

Charting the Future: Guiding Principles of Leadership

The Non-Conventional Fibers Association is built upon a foundation of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing our industry. As we embark on this exciting journey together, we want to highlight some key principles that guide our approach to leadership within the association.In fostering a culture of inclusivity, we prioritize diverse perspectives, recognizing that varied voices strengthen our collective vision. Furthermore, our dedication to transparency ensures open communication, empowering members with the knowledge and insight needed to drive meaningful progress in the field of non-conventional fibers.

Promoting the Fibres of the Future

The Non-Conventional Fibres Association is an industry forum that works to mitigate the textile industry’s environmental impact by promoting fibre that will dramatically diminish its ecological implications. These non-conventional fibres from plant and animal sources offer ecological manufacturing, use and disposal benefits. We bring together a global community of industry professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts who share our passion for sustainable practices and pursue an agenda for change. We aim to be a hub for knowledge exchange, collaborative initiatives, and advocacy for eco-friendly alternatives in the textile world. NCFA works as an instrument that empowers the industry to adopt ethical sourcing, production and consumption practices.

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When we save the planet, we save ourselves too

NCFA is devoted to fostering a harmonious relationship with the planet, promoting responsible living. Recognizing the environmental impact of conventional fiber production, we actively advocate for sustainable alternatives. Through the promotion of non-conventional fibers from eco-friendly sources, we aim to diminish the textile industry’s ecological footprint. Engaging in educational initiatives and collaborating with stakeholders, we emphasize responsible sourcing and production practices, contributing to biodiversity preservation, ethical land use, and a sustainable balance between industry and nature.

Our approach is as follows


Invest in Research.

Community Involvement

Promote Sustainable Agriculture.

Green Practices

Promote Biodiversity.

Raise Awareness

Mitigate impact with use of Non-Conventional Fibres

Responsible Fundraising

Implement Green Infrastructure.


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