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Learning at Narmada College of Fine Arts makes design and art exciting, stress free and ensures a career. More than anything else, it helps you develop a unique identity and path as an artist.

At Narmada College of Fine Arts, we put intense effort into honing a student’s creative ability. Through our staff’s constant support and several opportunities, we carve our students into artists. To help us with that cause, we organise regular exhibitions and trips to inspire our students’ imaginations. We also challenge them to become experts in their crafts.

Narmada College of Fine Arts provides multiple undergraduate, graduate and certificate programmes. We also offer courses in disciplines such as Fashion Design, Fine Arts and Interior Design. Under those fields, our range of degrees include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Interior Design, Master of Fine Arts and so on.

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To understand the world and business of fashion design, we expose students to the fields that influence the Fashion industry.

We have crafted this course to inspire the student in challenging the status-quo and contributing with innovative artistic approach.

This course has been designed to provide the student with detailed knowledge of interior designing and the skills required to approach.

Narmada College Fine Arts

Aparna Laad, Director

I feel immense pleasure and gratitude in introducing Narmada College of Fine Arts to you.

We have established NCFA in the beautiful city of lakes, Bhopal. Our objective with Narmada College of Fine Arts is to contribute in art society and culture of Bhopal, whose historic dignity is laudable…

Take a peek inside our wonderworld.


From all of our events, exhibitions and college artworks, we have chosen a few artworks that we like.