Narmada College of Fine Arts’ Exhibitions are regularly detailed through our Gallery page. Majestic shows such as Manthan and Narmde Har are a shining example of NCFA’s passion towards arts 

This page also contains the artworks of our students. Additionally, our faculty has contributed to the Portfolio for our gallery.

Past Events such as NCFA’s Inauguration and several picnics are also described in this page. 


NCFA regularly organises exhibitions for the public to showcase the talents of its students as well as the staff, thus encouraging the artist inside them. While we agree that concrete subjects can often times be limiting to their voices, our students and faculties are motivated to stretch the possibilities while sticking to the theme, thereby creating an abstract within the chosen subject.

Narmde Har and Manthan are a testament to this. One encompasses the natural serenity of the lake Narmada, the other speaks about the significance of human life – fundamentally different subjects. And yet, both can appear to some as crossing domains.

Our exhibition in Jaipur was a success of the unique creative outlet of our students, where it was not only appreciated but also requested. The paintings put on display in Jaipur encompassed multiple themes, different subjects and individualistic styles.

We have included the best pictures from these exhibitions to our gallery. See the images below.

Narmde Har

17th Feb, 2017

This exposition was a tribute to the river Narmada, featuring a 101-feet long painting of Narmada river, demonstrating how the lushes the sites around it and fills them with joy.


19th Feb, 2018

Organised at Jaipur Kala Kendra, the exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. S L Verma and Dr Govind Shrivastava.

The students of NCFA had demonstrated their paintings as a homage to historically significant painters.


22nd May, 2016

 In our country’s traditional art form, life was depicted as surreal beauty, through religious and mythological portrayal of humans. ‘Manthan’ was an attempt to remember the culture of ancient Indian artform, adapting similar techniques in the artworks.


The students and faculty of NCFA has marvelled at appreciating the culture of art society. In pursuit of contribution to arts, they are encouraged to challenge themselves in their own craft. So it’s not surprising that many of our students and faculty have invented their own distinctive styles of design. These techniques are demonstrated by the pictures of some of them below. 

by our faculty.

by our faculty.

by our students.

by our students.


Narmada College of Fine Arts prides itself on its regular event organisations. Be it informative trips and insightful picnics to natural life, or the remembrance of tradition. Through in-house ceremonies, NCFA works hard to provide its students with the inspiration that their creative soul needs.

We firmly believe that these events expose our students and the family of NCFA to gain new experiences. Simultaneously, these events allow public to take a peek inside the melodious kinship of NCFA. Our gallery provides a slice of life of our budding artists.

Our college was inaugurated under the presence of Dr. Aparna Laad’s family as well as Dr………, on 23rd June, 2013.

Distribution of appreciation to first semester students of NCFA under the presence of Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister, Mr Babulal Gaur.

Our staff and students have celebrated Independence Day every year since the inception of NCFA.

Narmada College of Fine Arts regularly organises excursion trips and educative picnics to provide its students with perspective. Some of these trips have been to Jaipur and Bhojpur. 


We have chosen a few of our favourite photographs and pictures from our college.