Narmada College of Fine Arts was established in 2013 in Bhopal. It is affiliated to Raja Mansingh Tomar University of Gwalior. NCFA provides detailed curriculum multiple disciplines about such as Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Photography. Our faculty provides able tuition to our students with undergraduate, graduate and certificate courses.

Narmada College of Fine Arts is ushered by Dr. Aparna Laad, who is the chairperson as well as the Director. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Fine Arts, as well as a Ph.D. in Folk Arts.

All members of our faculty are postgraduates in their concerned areas of teaching. Appropriately, from social sciences to arts and architecture, the teachers at NCFA are well equipped to teach and groom potential artists and designers.


Dr. Aparna Laad

An inherently talented and creatively fulfilled artist, Dr. Laad is a devoted artist as well as an academician.
Dr. Laad’s academic profile also boasts of several diploma courses in various practical art subjects, including a 7 year course from the Bangiya Parishad of Calcutta.

Dr. Aparna Laad’s experiences with managing diversified portfolios has been particularly honouring. In her work with NGOs and Hobby Centres, Dr Laad has traveled across cities with her art. In recognition of her talent, Dr. Laad’s paintings are regularly put on display in Bhopal. She has also held solo exhibitions in Jaipur as well as Mauritius, where her portfolio was a part of the ‘Asian International Trade and Cultural Expo’ in 2012.

As the Director of NCFA, Dr. Laad paves the way for the budding talents in Bhopal. She leads her students to multiple events, exhibitions across the country of India. Dr. Laad’s promise lies in providing them with exposure and inspiration for their proper development. And her commitment to her students translates well through the stellar results established every year by Narmada College of Fine Arts.


“Narmada College of Fine Arts derives its name from the serene river, Narmada, which flows around our city. Similar to how Narmada fills the life of Bhopal with spiritual joy, we, at NCFA, intend to contribute to the society. I see brilliant metaphorical meaning in Narmada’s flowing through Bhopal. As it provides us with water, it boasts of unparalleled natural beauty. This inspires one to imagine that material aspirations can go hand in hand with artistic consumption. So while at one hand people aspire for noble and practical pursuits, we intend to inspire our students to simultaneously reach for poetic meaning of life through arts.

I believe that while materialistic pursuits often provide some meaning to us, we cannot be fully content without involvement of arts in our lives. Complete spiritual fulfilment is provided only when a person is in joy of arts. So it becomes art’s objective to provide us with spiritual enlightenment. With this philosophy in mind, I decided to open Narmada College of Fine Arts in Bhopal.

Often, supremely talented and gifted pupil are robbed of great opportunities because of outdated structures in educational system. One of my goals with establishment of Narmada College of Fine Arts was to provide such students with fitting chances. For me, my students and their overall development are my utmost priority. I have made sure that our qualified faculty is ever-present to support our students with objective and abstract artistic teachings. With your blessings and support, we hope to elevate our students to unimaginable heights of talent. Sky is the limit, after all!”


Dr. Shobha Shrivastava

– Master of Arts (Drawing and Paintings)
– Ph.D. in Raga Ragini

Lecturer, FINE ARTS
Mrs. Abhilasha Upadhyay

– Master of Arts (Drawing and Paintings)

Ass. Lecturer, FINE ARTS
Mrs. Savita Sharma

– Master of Arts (History)
– Master of Arts (Hindi)
– Master of Fine Arts

Shivali Shrivastava

– Bachelor of Architecture
– Diploma in IT Management

Mrs. Neha Chakraborty

– Master of Arts (Drawing and Paintings)

Priyanka Rathore
– Master of Science (Textile and Clothing)


The mission and objective of Narmada College of Fine Arts is to contribute in the rich culture of India. We yearn for our students to map new achievements through their craft every day. By inspiring them to do so, NCFA expects them to be enlightened about the historical significance of Indian arts and society.

We, at Narmada College of Fine Arts, passionately motivate our students to become driven artists.

Narmada Fine Arts School

Narmada Fine Arts School is the only senior-secondary school in Bhopal with concentration on Fine Arts.

Affiliated to Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, NFAS is dedicated to the learning and exploration in the field of Fine Arts. Thus, we provide strict material and curriculum related to the course of Fine Arts. Any student from standard 11th and 12th can apply at Narmada Fine Arts School with basic prerequisites, and excel at their desired arts studies.


Basic Eligibility Criteria
– For 11th Standard: Having passed 10th Standard from any recognised board with at least 50%.\
– For 12th Standard: Having passed 11th Standard from any recognised board with at least 60%.